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Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) is a person centred framework for providing support in situations where there is, or there is a risk of, challenging behaviour.‘ Challenging behaviour’ is persistent behaviour that puts the physical safety of people at risk or that causes difficulties and limits a person’s ability to have a good life. 

Behaviour is called ‘challenging’ because it challenges everyone who supports the person to understand why it is happening and to work together to find a solution. Challenging behaviour occurs for a reason and communicates important information about a person’s stress, distress and skill development. 

Challenging behaviour happens as part of an interaction between three components (1) an individual, their current and past experiences and what they have learned (2) the thoughts, feelings and behaviours of other people in their lives, and (3) the environments, communities and cultures they live in. PBS addresses all of these areas. In many situations, it is likely that the demands of the person’s situation exceed their ability to cope positively.

A Functional Behaviour Assessment (FBA) explores concerns around your child's challenging behaviour, identifies patterns of interaction and helps you develop a plan for change. 

Contextual fit is the match between a PBS plan and/or intervention strategies and your family's priorities, goals, values and strengths. The PBS plan will use your experience, knowledge, skills, resources and supports. The better contextual fit, the more effective the plan and strategies will be.

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